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I am a designer from Hungary with a passion for illustration.


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My Story

I’m a Hungarian graphic designer & illustrator, who wants to live her dream and wants to help others achieve the same, because everybody needs dreams and must live them to the fullest.

When I was little my teachers and friends said that I won’t be successful, or I won’t be an artist. And now here I am, I became an artist and a graphic designer despite everything they’ve predicted. I even have two beautiful dogs and I consider myself lucky to live in a quiet small town.

So do you have a dream? Let’s get to work on that together and I guarantee that in the end you will be just as satisfied with the outcome as I am right now!

How I can help take your next project to new heights?


I love when I can brighten my clients’ lives with new, fresh ideas, and make something special for them. Branding is one of the most important aspects in any company’s life because it’s the soul of everything. I create book cover designs, custom made packaging, logos, custom social media designs and full branding. If you’d like to commission me for your next great project, click the button below!



UI/UX design

This area is my speciality, I have been doing it for so many years. I love when the branding comes alive on a website, it’s so exciting! But I’m not only implementing an idea, I also create a user-friendly and unique, attractive design, taking into account the expectations of the target market: all of this helps take your business to the next level. If you’d like to commission me for your next website project, click the button below!



Custom illustrations

When I create a custom illustration I feel free. It’s the best way to express myself and to bring more happiness into my clients life. My favourite illustration topics are animals and people, but I’m open to all kinds of ideas. I create book cover illustrations, custom portrait illustrations, patterns, wedding invitations and branding illustrations. If you’d like to commission me for your next illustrated project, click the button below!

I loved working with Andi, because she was very quick to get in tune with me and my brand, and very flexible throughout the whole process! She had a lot of extra ideas and encouraged me to show myself more. The end result was a self-identical, easy to use, consistent Instagram identity that I love!

Barbara GoodwillBusiness mentor & Life coach

I really like your relaxed, colourful style. There was nothing that I was not satisfied with, for example, the deadlines were missed most of the time because of me, but you were quick and flexible. Everything was solved within one round of change, which I think is great. I'm happy to work with you anytime! 🙂

Renáta KardosBödönBox founder & owner

Precision, super design output, high expertise, good communication. I hope we can work together again soon!

Gergely TóthExpertinit Kft., Founder of NFT Ocean

When I wanted to have my own logo, I admit I had no idea what it would look like, where it would start! Working with Andi was both efficient, easy and fun. Within a short period of time she had several ideas that absolutely suited me and the activity I represented. It’s really visible now how much she listened to me during the collaboration!

László PozsárHonoris Consulting Kft.

We have been working with Andi for years and she has never disappointed us! She is creative, her style is recognisable and she always comes up with constructive suggestions. She works quickly, always completing the job on time. I love that her site and what it stands for is a bright spot on social media.

Dóra Iklódi & Barnabás HackÉtelműhely founders & owners


You can license my designs to use on your products like prints, phone cases, textil products, book/tablet cases etc. If you would like to work with me, click the button below!

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